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    Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. is a full-service law firm with experience representing clients in the Houston area for the past 35 years. Our attorneys offer experience in numerous areas, including probate litigation, personal injury and death, estate planning, maritime and admiralty, general civil litigation, aviation, and product liability. We are also capable of providing legal representation for a diverse array of clients. At Stepp & Sullivan, P.C., our daily mission is to be your problem solver.

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    1. Dennis Dittmann Stepp & Sullivan, P.C.
      Overall Rating:

      This is truly one of the last old school lawfirm that keep their word from beginning to end. They tell you very honest, and up front what the maximum goal can be, and is definitely not promising unrealistic goals, just to be able to charge endless fee’s for service which most law firms know right then, and only for the advantage of their outcome. I was so pleased to finally find this firm. Jad and Andrew made it very clear what can be achieved. I had a very nasty case with American Airlines destroying my electric wheelchair, and not taking any responsibility afterwards even though the case was reported immediately at the airport, and the request was made for loaner or replacement which was promised to be delivered within 5 hours to the residence. Of course nothing but fooling around with me from American Airlines. I lost my entire vacation, and it even turned more devastating while AA didn’t take any responsibility, and ignored my case for over a month. I ended up paying all costs so far for 8 months myself. I then suffered additional damage getting carpal tunnel, and broke my leg because of not having an electric wheelchair for month. This made me very dependent on family that also suffered to get out of this horrible situation. American did not understand as a wheelchair restricted person how it is, that your legs are gone, if the wheelchair is destroyed. Instead they started the never ending fight they could have done and did a lot off humiliation, not caring at all that additional damage was done by them being irresponsible. They even started lying and made up their own false statements, misrepresented intentionally the law how reimbursement has to be done if assistant devices are destroyed by them while traveling with the Airline. This is when Jad, and his incredible team had to be hired. Of course, that also took a month, but Jad made me very aware of this from the beginning. Then I had a fantastic communication over the next 5 months with him. He was truly working in the background, but constantly. I was very pleased when Jad, and Andrew calmed me down, and said this is normal, and it will take more time. I had from the beginning nothing but faith in his firm, as I looked endless to find the right lawfirm. Very classy and gentleman’s work, and he keeps his promise and doesn’t change a thing after agreement is made. He actually came towards us as the case is overall pretty sad and was so fair to even lower his expenses for some amount to make the finalized deal work out with AA legal team. Remember, quality doesn’t come for free or cheap, you can hire an attorney for maybe less than this high quality firm, and get unbelievable promises made, but the results will speak for themselves. I would rather pay for quality, and know I am in good hands. Which of course is very hard to find a lawfirm like this to be so honest, and truly hard working from beginning to end. I will hire him again in my future if I have a case that needs special attention.

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