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  • Paul Wright

     1760 S Stemmons Fwy #220
    Lewisville, Texas 75057
    United States

    Phone: 9727918043

    The Wright Law Firm is one of the top-rated family law firms providing legal representation to clients in Lewisville, Dallas, and Frisco, TX. Our family law lawyers offer legal representation and counsel in family issues like divorce, custody, support, adoption, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

  • MarkReel

     1455 Frazee Rd Suite 500
    San Diego, California 92108
    United States

    When it comes to legal matters related to domestic violence and family law, having the right lawyer on your side can make a world of difference. Fathers’ rights attorneys and domestic violence attorneys are two types of attorneys that are essential in these situations.

  • California Family Law Firm, APC

     19200 Von Karman Ave Suite 454
    Irvine, California 92612
    United States

    California Family Law Firm is a premier family law firm located in Irvine. At California Family Law Firm, APC we have the years of experience to successfully litigate your family law case. Our law office will help guide you through the often overwhelming legal process to help achieve the orders and results that are uniquely tailored to your best interests.

  • Hayes Family Law

     1125 Jefferson St
    Napa, California 94559
    United States

    At Hayes Family Law, we treat every case as individual and exceptional. We strive to exceed the standards that define modern representation, and provide all of our clients with a concierge level of service, and a fully customized legal strategy built purposefully for them. WEBSITE:

  • Barrow Brown, PLLC

     2501 Nelson Miller Parkway, #102
    Louisville, Kentucky 40223
    United States

    Phone: 5025899353

    For more than a decade, Barrow Brown family and divorce lawyers have acquired a reputation for excellence in family law trial advocacy. Our founding partners are now among the most award-winning trial attorneys in Kentucky.

  • Bednarczyk & Valerio, LLP

     1470 Maria Lane, Suite 205
    Walnut Creek, California 94596
    United States

    Family law is a uniquely complex area of the law. Divorce and family law matters often deal with property issues, financial issues, domestic violence restraining orders and child custody issues. Bednarczyk & Valerio, LLP is dedicated exclusively to the area of family law. Whether your goal is to settle matters as privately as possible or obtain orders from the court to protect your rights, we are here to help you decide what is right for you.

  • Dan R. Dodds

     14780 W Mountain View Blvd
    Surprise, Arizona 85374
    United States

    Dan Dodds is the founder of The Dodds Law Firm. Dr. Dodds earned his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management at the University of Oregon and his Juris Doctorate of Law from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. Dr. Dodds fervently believes that all American citizens are entitled to each of the benefits and protections afforded to them under the Constitution and the laws of this nation.

  • Rhett Burney

     312 S Main St
    simpsonville, South Carolina 29681
    United States

    Phone: 8642281616

    Law Office of Rhett Burney PC has always provided the best legal services to its clients. Our lawyers have helped several clients get their lives back on track, ensuring they live a peaceful and stress-free life ahead.

  • Turner Family Law & Divorce Attorney

     116 W Stone Ave
    Greenville, South Carolina 29609
    United States

    Phone: 8646642493

    At Turner Family Law, we are a full-service family law litigation firm. Our expertise spans cases that are resolved with simple negotiations or only settled after contentious hearings. If you need assistance with a family court matter, contact our offices for your consultation. Website:

  • Vacca Family Law Group

     60 E 42nd St #4000
    New York, New York 10165
    United States

    Andrea Vacca helps clients resolve marital and family disputes with non-adversarial dispute resolution methods. #NoCourtDivorce Andrea Vacca is an attorney who works exclusively with clients who are dealing with divorce, separation and other family law issues in Manhattan, throughout New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. Ms.Vacca helps clients to amicably resolve their differences through settlement, collaborative divorce and mediation.

  • Johannesmeyer & Sawyer, PLLC

     1808 Ebenezer Rd
    Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
    United States

    Getting into questions about one’s own family is the most dire outcome imaginable for the close to home digression associated with such circumstances. In cases like these, you want a legal counselor who figures out you and is humane towards you and your case. Our legal counselors will ensure that each part of your case is managed care and thought, minus any additional harming the connections of the gatherings engaged with the case.

  • Zachary Porfiris

     252 Latitude Ln
    Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710
    United States

    Legal battles affect all aspects of one’s life. Whether finances or physical and mental health, every sphere of your life takes an adverse turn, propelling you into a difficult phase.

  • Johannesmeyer & Sawyer, PLLC

     117 E Main Ave
    Gastonia, North Carolina 28052
    United States

    Our Attorney at Johannesmeyer & Sawyer, PLLC dealing with legal matters and provided unconditional support to their clients, and they fight for them based on Gastonia, North Carolina. Johannesmeyer & Sawyer, PLLC 117 East Main Avenue, Gastonia, NC 28052 704-389-5501

  • Patrick Wright

     7000 Parkwood Blvd Bldg. A
    Frisco, Texas 75034
    United States

    Phone: 9727127555

    Patrick worked as the city attorney for the Texas city of Krum for over eight years before starting his family law firm. He has also held positions as the city prosecutor and city attorney in the Texas cities of Corinth and Hackberry. Patrick is a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, is allowed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, and the United States District Courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas.

  • Grace Legal Offices, PLLC

     4660 E Trindle Rd Ste. 101
    Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011
    United States

    The Grace Legal Team has decades of experience in both state and federal courts. Kathleen, Michael, and Allissa are knowledgeable and experienced in family and criminal law matters. Kathleen founded Grace Legal with a profound sense of responsibility to protect the rights of clients. The years of work as public defenders, and advocates for victims of domestic violence and for children have molded them as litigators and as people destined to serve the needs of others.

  • David W. Martin Law Group

     108 Springs St
    Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715
    United States

    David W. Martin Law Group is a law firm in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our attorneys at David W. Martin Law Group understand your case & always ready to help. From emotionally charged and complex family law cases to personal injury claims, Visit us:

  • DeArmey Law

     18302 Irvine Blvd
    Tustin, California 92780
    United States

    When legal challenges come your way, you need an expert in your corner, someone who will advise you of your options and fight to protect your rights and your interests. At DeArmey Law, our attorneys have many years of proven experience and a long track record of successful outcomes for our clients. WEBSITE:

  • Ewing Law Group

     735 Sunrise Ave Suite 212
    Roseville, California 95661
    United States

    Ewing Law Group has represented clients in the Sacramento area since 2004 with a variety of legal matters, including criminal defense, traffic citations, criminal record expungement, personal injury, elder abuse, employment law, divorce and family law. We handle cases in Sacramento County, Placer County, Yolo County, El Dorado County and throughout California. WEBSITE :

  • Hoffman Family Law, PC

     141 Ganttown Rd suite d4
    Turnersville, New Jersey 08012
    United States

    The attorneys at Hoffman Family Law, PC in Turnersville, New Jersey. Founded by Attorney Melissa Hoffman, J.D. in 2009. Hoffman Family Law represents individuals and families in all aspects of family law, antenuptial agreements, including divorce, child support, child custody, equitable distribution of property, domestic violence, and parenting time matters. We offer personalized attention, superior results, and cost-effective representation.

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What does a Divorce Attorney do?

A divorce can be a very difficult situation to endure. The end of a committed relationship is bound to cause some form of pain to the parties. Unfortunately, a painful event such as splitting up from a spouse can be made even more difficult in the actual divorce process. There can be many reasons why a divorce gets messy. It can be an issue with how to split up assets such as real estate and personal property, the splitting of money and debts, or the process can be made even more acrimonious simply based on the anger each spouse has with the other over the split.

The splitting of assets is a very common issue that comes up in many divorces. The laws in the US tend to end at nearly the same place that grants each spouse a share of marital assets. The two systems in the US are Equitable Distribution and Community Property. Equitable Distribution sounds as if it would mean an equal 50/50 split; however, in this case, equitable means a split amongst former spouses that would be fair in the eyes of the court. Some western states, like California for example, utilize a community property system that entitles each spouse to a (somewhat) strict 50/50 split of marital assets. Marital assets in both systems are usually property obtained during marriage (provided it wasn’t acquired via a gift or inheritance.

In addition to splitting assets, a divorce usually entails other matters that deal with the couple’s relationship ranging anywhere from debts (credit cards, loans, and medical bills) to who gets to keep the family pets. The other large issue that would also be dealt with is the issue of custody and child support of any marital children. The issue of custody and support can be very simple if both parents agree, or it can be extremely difficult if the parents do not agree. The most basic arrangement being that parents share legal and physical custody of their children. Legal custody is the right to make child-rearing decisions. It usually includes input over a child’s medical treatment, schooling, and religion. Physical custody is whether the child actually resides. Where the child resides usually plays into the child support issue as it is usually the custodial parent who receives child support from the non-custodial parent.

A divorce attorney will be well versed in all the aspects of the issues mentioned above. A divorce attorney will understand what the law requires of each spouse. The divorce attorney is usually a vital negotiator in this process. The attorney can make sure that the process is fair and help determine these issues as efficiently as possible.

When would l need a Divorce Attorney?

If you cannot amicable come up with a divorce settlement with your former spouse, you are going to need to retain the services of an attorney to help you file the necessary paperwork. Most divorce courts allow for a period of mediation before the case comes to a hearing. During that mediation, you will have multiple opportunities to try to negotiate a divorce settlement. An attorney can be vital at this stage of the process. At the point where you have retained attorneys, it may be easier to have another person speak on your behalf. Even if the split is not acrimonious, you still may need the attorney to help discover the full extent of your spouse finances and assets and determine your legal share of both.

The case may be that assets and debts are distributed in a simple and easy way, but there is tension over custody of children. The first thing that you should note in a custody case is that a court will do what they believe is in the best interest of the child. The court will take many things into account, such as where the child currently resides and the situation they are accustomed to. This is usually a situation that is fraught with anxiety as people worry about not being able to see their children. A couple of things need to be remembered. Biological parents have significant well-established rights to parent their children. It is very difficult for a person’s parental rights to be extinguished barring severe abuse and abandonment. A spouse should rest a little bit more ease at the prospects of not being able to see their children.

Where there is a child custody issue, there may also be a child support issue. Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent to ensure that the non-custodial parent pays their fair share of child support on time and in the right amount. There are enforcement procedures that can be handled by an attorney on the custodial parent’s behalf, or by the local state’s attorney office. Failure to pay child support can turn into a criminal matter and should be handled seriously. An attorney can see that a child support obligation is followed through with.

Divorce attorneys that handle child support and child custody issues also usually can handle most family law issues such as adoption, domestic violence issues, name changes and paternity cases. Family law issues are usually serious events that require a certain amount of care and understanding. If you are dealing with such an issue, you will want to make sure you consult with an attorney that can help you rectify the situation as efficient and painless as possible.

Signs you need to speak to a Divorce Attorney

  • Are you planning a divorce with significant assets?
  • Do you need help obtaining custody of your children?
  • Do you need to enforce a child support order?
  • Do you think your soon to be ex-spouse is hiding money from you?

How do you choose a Qualified Divorce Attorney?

You will not want to take the search for an appropriate attorney lightly. If you are at the stage of thinking about hiring one for a family law issue, you should realize that the stakes are high and that you will need to find a qualified and experienced attorney you can trust to handle your issue the right way.

Follow these steps to help you find and vet the right attorney for your divorce:

Determine Your Needs

This is the most important step of the process. You have to understand your situation and what kind of attention it needs. As mentioned above, divorce attorneys are most prominently used when a mutually amicable solution is unlikely. So you need, to be honest with yourself and assess the relationship you have with a spouse. You need to think of all what’s at stake, do you own a lot of assets that were acquired during the marriage? Do you feel your spouse was keeping finances a secret from you? Are there going to be substantial issues with child custody or child support? Is there a chance that you will reconcile with your spouse?

If you are not in the position of needing a divorce or child custody or support, how serious is your issue and does it rise to the need of speaking with an attorney? If it is something like a restraining order, drafting a prenuptial agreement or enforcing a parenting time agreement, then you most assuredly need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Research Online

Next, you will want to start by conducting a simple search of local family law attorneys. Get the names of a few that you think will be able to help. Take a look at the profiles on their websites. Read the articles or summaries they have there. Often attorney websites will include articles on specific areas that they cover. That is a good place to check if the attorney handles similar issues to yours.

Whiles conducting your search, you may want to check out some legal organizations that deal with family law. There are many legal organizations that are designed to help people who really need advice. There are organizations whose sole mission is to help fathers in their custody battles. The need for such an organization stems from the assumption that mothers generally have the advantage in custody disputes. Help is also provided by legal organizations designed to help women. For instance, some of these organizations help women file for child support or give assistance to women who have been subject to domestic violence situations and are need of specialized legal advice on their options and additional counseling support.

Additionally, many lawyers are members of family law organizations within their legal communities. These organizations are made of like-minded attorneys who delve deeper into the subject area, not only because of its part of their job but usually because they have a strong interest in the subject. These organizations can be a great starting point, as they may be able to refer you to an attorney right for you or can give you some great information on your issue that is usually free of charge.

Check the State Bar Association’s Website for any Disciplinary History

After you get a couple of names you are interested in, you will want to check their disciplinary history. It’s a good idea to see if an attorney has had any ethical violations in the past. Not only will it give you an idea of what pitfalls you may run into when hiring an attorney, but it can also serve as a peace of mind to find an attorney who has no disciplinary history. You may be surprised to find that there are a lot of attorneys who have no disciplinary history. You will find this information at the state bar association website. You will be able to search for the attorney by name, if there is any disciplinary history present, the bar association will have a record of it.

Schedule an Appointment with a Divorce Attorney

The only thing left to do is set up a consolation with an attorney that you have thoroughly researched. When you speak with an attorney, be sure not to hold anything back as they need to know all the facts involved with your case to give you the best advice possible.