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  • Coolidge Law Firm

     434 Fayetteville St, #2030
    Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
    United States

    We are criminal defense lawyers that can defend you against any criminal charge before the Wake County courts, whether DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, weapons, or another offense. No legal accusation is too small to have a large impact on your life, and no accusation is too major for us to handle. At Coolidge Law Firm, we use our broad range of experience and skills to defend your rights and your freedom.

  • Broden, Mickelsen, LLP

     2600 State St
    Dallas, Texas 75204
    United States

    Phone: 2147209552

    Broden, Mickelsen LLP is a criminal defense law firm in Dallas, TX with a focus on federal and white-collar crimes. Our skilled attorneys can help get your charges reduced or dropped. Contact us today to get started. Broden, Mickelsen, LLP 2600 State St., Dallas, TX 75204 214 720 9552 Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Defense Attorneys Broden Mickelsen

  • The Botnick Law Firm

     20600 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 495
    Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
    United States

    Phone: 2162459245

    Fight for your FREEDOM — Top-Rated Cleveland Criminal Defense Law Firm // Quality Representation · REWARDING Results. 5-Star Avvo Rating. Voted Best DUI Lawyers in Cleveland 2020 by Expertise. Our #1 Goal is to Protect The Rights & Liberties of the Criminally Accused. Accused Of A Serious Crime? — Mr. Botnick is ready to FIGHT for Clients facing Serious Felonies & Misdemeanors. Criminal Defense. DUI/OVI. Driving Offenses. Expungements. Delinquency Matters.

  • Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines

     1900 The Exchange SE
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    United States

    Phone: 7707664188

    Attorney Matthew C. Hines founded the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines in 2004. They specialize in personal injury, car accidents, workers compensation, criminal defense, and more. Located in Atlanta Georgia, at The Exchange Southeast in Building 500, we are centrally positioned to serve the greater Atlanta area.

  • Brandy Ramsay

     3100 West Ray Road Suite 201
    Chandler, Arizona 85226
    United States

    Brandy has assisted Arizona families with family law matters for more than a decade. She has used her skills to represent clients in every area of family law, including divorce, legal separation, paternity, child support, decree enforcements and modifications, alternative dispute resolution, and more. As a result, she brings valuable insight to cases with respect to the difficult emotional and psychological dynamics involved in family law matters.

  • Hanson Legal Solutions

     Criminal Defense Attorney Angola IN, Property Crimes Lawyer Angola IN, Burglary Attorney Angola IN, Robbery Lawyer Angola IN, Domestic Battery Attorney Angola IN, DUI Lawyer Angola IN, DWI Attorney Angola IN, Drug Offenses Lawyer Angola IN
    Angola, Indiana 46703
    United States

    Website: Hanson Legal Solutions is located in Angola, IN and is dedicated to providing quality services of Child Custody Lawyer Angola IN, Child Support Lawyer Angola IN, Divorce Attorney Angola IN, Mediation Lawyer Angola IN. Call us today at (260) 800-2323. We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Keith Oliver Criminal Law

     1200, Route 22 East, Suite 2000
    Bridgewater Township, New Jersey 08807
    United States

    Keith Oliver Criminal Law will fight to get your charges reduced or dropped in New Jersey. Our attorneys are experienced in Assault, DWI, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Juvenile Crimes & more. Contact us today to get started.

  • Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

     2650 E Southern Ave
    Mesa, Arizona 85204
    United States

    Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer is a law office that specializes in criminal defense and DUI law, representing clients throughout Arizona. Our criminal defense lawyers are five-star rated on Avvo and continue to represent clients with care. Our trusted, affordable Arizona defense attorneys are equipped to handle a variety of cases with the most effective and aggressive representation for DUI charges, criminal speeding, traffic ticket defense, and a host of other charges.

  • Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas

     625 S 6th St Suite 200
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
    United States

    Phone: 7023859777

    At Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas, we recognize how much is at stake when a client has been accused of a crime or the victim of a devastating accident. In these cases, turning to our firm to gain the support of a seasoned legal team with proven credentials can make a tremendous difference in the resolution of your case. We thoroughly understand civil and criminal defense law and the prosecution system in the State of Nevada. (702) 385-9777 625 S 6th St, Las Vegas, NV 891

  • The Law Office of E.R. Báez

     700 N St Mary's St #1400
    San Antonio, Texas 78205
    United States

    The Law Offices of Edgardo R. Baez, Jr offers criminal lawyers, assault lawyers, probation lawyers, theft lawyers, domestic violence defense lawyers in the San Antonio area but can also serve you anywhere in Texas. We believe that clients are innocent until proven guilty but we further believe that God can change any tragedy and turn it into a testimony.

  • Ferro Law Firm

     345 East Market Street
    York, Pennsylvania 17403
    United States

    Ferro Law firm specializes in all aspects of criminal defense (from traffic citations, DUIs, to the more serious offenses), civil litigation, and personal injury matters.

  • O’Mara Law Group

     221 NE Ivanhoe Blvd Suite 200
    Orlando, Florida 32804
    United States

    The O’Mara Law Group is an Orlando law firm with a national reputation for success in some of the most complex, challenging, and high-profile cases in the country. Our Orlando criminal attorneys are top-rated by leading attorney rating services and they have been recognized for excellence by organizations like the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

  • Delahunty & Edelman LLP

     4 Embarcadero Ctr #1400
    San Francisco, California 94111
    United States

    Delahunty & Edelman LLP is a boutique firm that advises individuals and companies in complex white collar criminal defense, regulatory, and business litigation. We are former federal prosecutors with deep experience resolving disputes at all stages of litigation, particularly trial.

  • Hersem Law

     1550 W Cleveland St, Suite 9
    Tampa, Florida 33606
    United States

    Hersem Law is a full-service law firm representing criminal defense, DUI and personal injury clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. The combination of criminal and civil law experience allows us to understand all of our clients’ needs and ensure their objectives are met. Attorney Christopher Hersem is a native Floridian who was born and raised in Clearwater. He is dedicated to helping Floridians win their cases.

  • Wallin & Klarich, A Law Corporation

     1619 West Garvey Avenue North, #107
    West Covina, California 91790
    United States

    Wallin & Klarich is a team of highly skilled Southern California criminal defense attorneys. Whether you are faced with criminal or DUI charges, the loss of your driving privilege, or want to clean up your criminal record, we are here to help. Our lawyers know the rules, judges, and prosecutors in all of the local courts. Because our attorneys are very familiar with the court where your case is pending, we are able to achieve the best possible result in your case.

  • Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq.

     185 Devonshire St Suite 302
    Boston, Massachusetts 02110
    United States

    Frank Fernandez has over 25 years of experience successfully defending charges for clients throughout Massachusetts. The Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq. can help with any type of matter whether it’s a small criminal violation or a large federal drug conspiracy. You deserve the best representation when you are charged with a crime and you need to be able to trust your Boston criminal defense attorney.

  • The Zeiger Firm

     516 DeKalb St
    Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401
    United States

    Phone: 2675380860

    When you need an attorney, contact Norristown criminal defense attorney Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire. The Norristown defense attorneys at The Zeiger Firm offer high-quality legal representation to individuals in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties and throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania. The Norristown Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Zeiger Firm are committed to defending every client zealously, providing the highest quality personalized criminal defense service

  • William Proetta Criminal Law

     242 10th St Suite 103,
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
    United States

    William Proetta Criminal Law will fight to get your charges reduced or dropped in New Jersey. Our attorneys are experienced in Assault, DWI, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Juvenile Crimes & more. Contact us today to get started. William Proetta Criminal Law 242 10th St Suite 103, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States 201 793 8018 Hudson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Kirsch Daskas Law Group

     1390 Country Club Rd
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304
    United States

    Phone: 2487923060

    When you work with Kirsch Daskas Law Group, you can trust that you will receive ethical, qualified and results-oriented representation. We are a full-service firm that zealously guides Michigan residents through pressing legal concerns. Kirsch Daskas Law Group 1133 West Long Lake Road Suite 150, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 (248) 792-3060

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What does a Criminal Defense Attorney do?

So what does a criminal defense attorney actually do? Many people’s conceptions about the job of a defense attorney come from what they see in movies, TV and what they read in fiction-based novels.

How much of popular media’s depiction of criminal defense work is accurate? Well that all depends. Some media outlets do a good job of replicating some of the aspects of the profession, but what you often don’t see are the more “boring” or mundane aspects of the job. Do defense attorneys make brilliant speeches at the ends of trials during their closing arguments? Yes, some attorneys adopt a more bombastic style, but that’s a rarer occurrence than movies like to let on. The truth usually is that there is no closing statement because the case settles way before a trial comes close to occurring.

Criminal defense attorneys deal mostly with the prosecutor that will be trying a case. When a person is arrested by police, it is the area’s prosecutor that decides what charges will be filed against the criminal defendant, or whether that defendant will be charged at all in the first place.  Most cases begin with some form an investigation of an allegation against criminal defendant wherein the authorities speak to witnesses and gather evidence. There are multiple directions a case can go after this preliminary investigation. The authorities can decide they need more time and continue to search for evidence or they can seek an indictment.

The initial step in a criminal investigation is often the most crucial. Most cases are made and broken at this stage. It is imperative to have adequate representation from the beginning. That’s where a criminal defense attorney’s duties kick in. Usually, a criminal defendant won’t know that they are under investigation until they are spoken to by police or actually indicted unless there was an arrest made shortly after a crime was alleged.

At this initial stage, not much information other than basic allegations will be made available to the accused which is to say that the criminal defendant may not know how much evidence there is or what witnesses may be saying. This is not to say all criminal defendants need to worry about what a witness might say or that there would be any wrongdoing or guilt assumed, just that a criminal defendant needs to be in the position to understand what is happening as they are unlikely to be the subject of a criminal investigation for no reason.

At this initial stage and throughout the criminal justice process, a criminal defendant needs guidance to know what they should and should not do. Going back to an earlier concept, most people’s knowledge of the criminal justice system is based on what they see on TV. After all, most people are aware that they should not be very talkative at any stage of this process. You may ask yourself why that is?

The simple answer is that everything you say will be scrutinized and if you happen to slightly alter your account of events in any way it may look like you are being misleading or dishonest. It could totally not be the case, people misspeak all the time and say things they do not intend or really mean, so how are you supposed to know what should be said versus what should not be? That’s were having a good attorney comes into play. The attorney is likely to tell you not to talk about the situation and all and will help you fully understand what needs to be said and done if and when you need to speak about the matter.

When would l need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You will almost definitely know when you need a criminal defense attorney. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime you need an attorney. If police would like to speak to you about some incident, you most likely should speak to an attorney before answering any questions they may have.

The requirement of a criminal defense attorney does not stop at simple crimes. Do you have a business that is heavily regulated by the local or national government such as waste management or chemicals? If you are in a position of authority and have run afoul of certain regulations you may need to seek out a criminal attorney. Do you own a bar or establishment that serves alcohol? Are you keeping up with licensing requirements? If you are not sure, you likely need to speak with an attorney

Even if you haven’t been accused or arrested, be vigilant and discuss borderline situations with an attorney as soon as you possibly can. Whether it be a legal services clinic, the public defender, help hotline or a private criminal defense attorney, feel free to reach out to a criminal defense attorney if the need arises.

Signs you need to speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney

  • You have been arrested
  • Police are requesting to speak with you about a criminal incident
  • You had a criminal record at an early age and what to see if the conviction record is eligible for expungement (record clearing).

How do you choose a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The first thing you need to do is understand the process and determine your means. Often people ask a very crucial question about the ability to pay large amounts for an attorney. People wonder if they need to do this in order to secure successful results. Does the money you spend matter?

This is a complicated matter and depends on many factors including the severity of the charges and your ability to pay. After all, every person’s budget is not the same and all attorneys do not charge the same amounts for their services. However, the stakes of criminal charges often warrant the expense. If you have a major felony allegation on your hands it would only make sense to find the most experienced criminal defense attorney you can find. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a parking ticket, you may have more options available.

Determine Your Needs

As mentioned above you need to determine what the stakes are. Felony charges come with possibly significant jail time. Misdemeanor charges can also result in jail time , so keep that in mind.  Moreover, you will want to find a criminal defense attorney that has dealt with your type of situation before. You need to know what cases the attorney has taken and what the results they have obtained.

Research Online

Start researching a few local attorneys to see which ones have the most experience in criminal defense.  You should also takes steps to see what local criminal defense attorneys think about your selected attorney. Sites like and provide peer review resources as well as lawyer directories to help narrow your search.

Check the State Bar Association’s Website for any Disciplinary History

Every state bar association has a disciplinary board that keeps track of all disciplinary actions taken against an attorney in their jurisdiction. These disciplinary actions stem from unethical acts taken by attorney such as misappropriating client funds or unethical practices during their practice of law. While it’s true that there are some attorneys that run afoul of the rules, most do not. You should free to look up the names of any attorneys that you are considering consulting with to see if and what disciplinary actions have been taken against them.

Schedule an Appointment with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Finally, the easiest step, you need to make an appointment to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. If you have already been arrested you may need assistance in a search. You will get appointed a public defender in the meantime, which is not a problem. They will handle your case appropriately and can later be replaced by one of your choosing.

If you are free to search for an attorney or anticipate an imminent criminal issue, you need to conduct your search quickly. As was discussed earlier, the earlier you can have an attorney with you the better. The defense attorney will be able to explain the process and help you understand what can be a frightening and tense situation.