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    1. Walid H Binder & Malter LLP
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      After supposedly a free consultation per their policies, I agreed to hire Michael to do my Ch 11. He asked for $10k retainer which I paid on time. Then said he is going to make some calls to creditors and let me know when to start the filling process. Six weeks later, nothing was done except a lien search. Then Michael called me from his car to apologize why nothing was done . His excuse was an office member’s husband is sick. As we started approaching the end of 90 window in order to file, so the property lien a creditor filed could be removed. He told me he cant file my Ch 11 case and would like to refer me out. When I asked why after six weeks? His response was he is too expensive for my case. Then I asked how much? He answered $60k. I agreed to that. Then he said actually about $100k, then I said ok whatever is the cost,i will give it to you. Then he said, I don’t want to wast your money. He said his fee is too high for my case. Then I told him, though you wasted six weeks of critical time, I will not force you to file my case. He End up referring me to Fuller Law firm who missed up my Ch 11 . Two months later I called Michael questioning the charges statement I just received and requesting a refund for my $10k retainer. He kept $7500 and told me it’s too late to discuss the charges. This lawyer even charged me $500 for the first free consultation and $250 to call me from his car to tell me he doesn’t have resources to file my case. What did this lawyer charge me for? I discussed my case with two other honest lawyers for free before i a greed to hire him.
      Don’t bother using them unless you have a million dollars for their fees.

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