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    2 Reviews on “The Law Office of Robert Tayac”

    1. justin meskan The Law Office of Robert Tayac
      Overall Rating:

      Robert Tayac is truly an unsung hero. I can honestly say I was one hearing away from losing everything when Robert put on a show so spectacular it brought tears to my eyes. Watching Robert perform his craft is like watching Michaelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel or Donatello sculpt a masterpiece.

      I have hired him two times in the last 15 years and I set him up against impossible odds, each time he brilliantly saved my butt.

      He will actually fight for you and I’m talking against anyone judges included.
      A real courtroom brawler!!!!!!

      Thanks again Robert

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    2. Steven e Provost The Law Office of Robert Tayac
      Overall Rating:

      Hello. I was hit on back of head, then stomped to floor in kitchen by sister’s son.
      8 hours before, I was discharged from S.F. General Hosp. for a second strock event.
      I could not defend myself during the attack because I had hospital drugs in me, I could not
      move well. During the attack, I took a first hit to the head, then the stomping my head and front of
      my face was stomped. The whole event was a shock. The attacker came to the hospital with his mother to visit me. Days later he goes bizzerk.
      In Judge Sandaval’s court, the attacker labelled me a “by-polar” crazy man. The attacker did it again at St. Mary’s U. They escorted him off campus immediately. Judge Sandaval did not mention this in court. But he did relate he did something to stop me from coming back to court about this bizzar incident.
      I was studying for an exam. Now our home is up for Sale. There is a lot to discuss about this sale, and what I have put in to it; I have labored over this home; have receipts for Home Depot, and other equipment stores. All my things have been stored in another neighborhood.
      Can this firm help his mess?

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