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  • Anthonie H. Woller, P.C.

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    Website: Anthonie H. Woller, P.C. is located in Beaverton, OR and is dedicated to providing quality services of Business Start-Ups Lawyer Beaverton OR,Business Valuation Attorney Beaverton OR,Buy-Sell Agreements Lawyer Beaverton OR,Small Business Law Attorney Beaverton OR,Sole Proprietorships Lawyer Beaverton OR. Call us today at (503) 579-8720). We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Avaness Law was founded on the principle of Justice and Fairness. We believe that everyone is entitled to Justice, not just the big or rich corporations able to pay huge legal bills. When you hire Avaness Law, you hire a firm instilled with grit that will fight tooth-and-nail until a fair and just compensation is reached. Visit us:

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    Attolles Law, s.c. bringing together leading attorneys to best serve Wisconsin counties, schools, public entities, individuals, and businesses. Each member of the Attolles Law team has unique traits and strengths. All of them have earned the utmost respect of the courts they argued in. Give us the chance to fight for you and with you, so we can show what a valuable legal exchange looks like. Visit us at –

  • Edwards Pottinger

     425 North Andrews Avenue
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    Edwards Pottinger represents survivors of violent crime and sexual assault and has obtained some of the largest settlements and jury results for crime victims against powerful individuals and third parties whose negligent security or other wrongful conduct allowed for the crime to occur. We are skilled litigators and experienced trial attorneys who have effectively pursued civil lawsuits against some of the most powerful individuals, organizations and big businesses on behalf of people, victims

  • James McKiernan Lawyers

     555 W Tefft St #2A
    Nipomo, California 93444
    United States

    James McKiernan is a personal injury attorney with over decades of legal experience in Nipomo, CA. Here we serve Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident, Bus Accident, Dog bites, Slip & falls Wrongful Death, and Product Liability. Reach out to James McKiernan Lawyers today to get the legal support and caring attorney. Visit us:

  • James McKiernan Lawyers

     502-A Spring St,
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    For over 40 years, the Paso Robles personal injury lawyers at James McKiernan Lawyers have represented people throughout the California Central Coast who have been injured due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another and deserve compensation for their injuries. In over 30,000 cases and over $315 million in verdicts and settlements, James McKiernan Lawyers have obtained the largest injury. Visit us:

  • Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva

     3750 S Bear St
    Santa Ana, California 92704
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    Website: Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva is located in Santa Ana, CA and is dedicated to providing quality services of Trademark Law Attorney Santa Ana CA ,Small business Lawyer Santa Ana CA ,Commercial Lawyer Santa Ana CA,Trade Law Attorney Santa Ana CA . Call us today at (714) 717-0387. We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hagan Jenkins Law Group, PLLC

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    Website: Hagan Jenkins Law Group, PLLC is located in Murfreesboro, TN and is dedicated to providing quality services of Mediation Lawyer Murfreesboro TN, Arbitration Lawyer Murfreesboro TN, Title Services Law Murfreesboro TN, Title transfers Attorney Murfreesboro TN, Real Estate Title Lawyer Murfreesboro TN. Call us today at 615) 546-4070. We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Debra G. Simms, PA

     823 Dunlawton Ave
    Port Orange, Florida 32129
    United States

    Our goal is to help people preserve their wealth for their heirs and help prepare people for incapacity, aging, and illness. In addition to a wealth of experience in a wide range of legal matters, Attorney Debra G. Simms brings to her clients experience as a Social Worker and Certified Mediator. We specialize in general civil practice, concentrating in Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, Real Property Transactions, Bankruptcy and Long-Term Care Asset Protection Planning.

  • Sawyer Injury Law

     49-C Lenox Pointe NE
    Atlanta, Georgia 30324
    United States

    Sawyer Injury Law – Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer // Experience Handling Injury Cases For Over 20 Years! • Car Accidents • Truck Accidents • Motorcycle Accidents • Workplace Accidents • Premises Liability • Municipal Claims • Catastrophic Accidents • Wrongful Death Sawyer Injury Law is an Atlanta law firm exclusively devoted to practicing plaintiffs’ personal injury law in the Atlanta metro area. Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident? Find out if you have a case now. C

  • Mills & Anderson

     703 S 8th St, #200
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
    United States

    At Mills & Anderson, we know how important your family is to you and are ready to assist you with any family legal issue that you are encountering. We handle the toughest cases with sensitivity and determination. We also handle business law and consulting for area businesses. Our clients are individuals and businesses in North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County, and other surrounding areas. || Website:

  • Lincoln Legal Group

     11576 South State Street, Suite 200A
    Draper, Utah 84020
    United States

    Draper, Utah attorneys at Lincoln Legal Group are focused on delivering complete financial recovery solutions for our clients who were hurt because of another’s negligent actions or inactions. We have experience in following practice areas: personal injury, auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, family law and all types of accident cases. Call us now to schedule a initial consultation (801) 877-3260. Visit us:

  • STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers

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    Phone: 2076223

    At STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers, we handle a variety of case types including criminal defense, family law, commercial law, real estate, injury and more. Our team has the experience and knowledge you need. Schedule a consultation with our Maine family law attorneys today. For more details visit us @

  • Posternock Apell, PC

     400 N Church St STE 105
    Moorestown, New Jersey 08057
    United States

    In the event that you have been accused of a crime or a misdeed in Miami or any place in south Florida, don’t take a chance with your opportunity with an unpracticed lawyer. You should be encouraged and addressed by a Miami criminal protection lawyer who has a demonstrated history. Lawyer Chad Piotrowski at Piotrowski Regulation forcefully and really supports his clients, and he will direct your case to its most ideal result.

  • Fullman Firm

     2000 E 4th St suite 320
    Santa Ana, California 92705
    United States

    The Fullman Firm is a premier consumer protection and credit defense law firm serving clients throughout California. Our experienced collection defense lawyers are dedicated to defending individuals and small businesses against all types of debt collection lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments, bank levies, and property liens. Founding attorney Adam Fullman is a highly regarded consumer advocate with a passion for helping everyday people fight back against credit card companies, banks, and othe

  • Fullman Firm

     2000 East 4th Street Suite 320
    Santa Ana, California 92705
    United States

    The Fullman Firm is a premier consumer protection and credit defense law firm serving clients throughout California. Our experienced collection defense lawyers are dedicated to defending individuals and small businesses against all types of debt collection lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments, bank levies, and property liens. Founding attorney Adam Fullman is a highly regarded consumer advocate with a passion for helping everyday people fight back against credit card companies, banks, and othe

  • The Morgan Law Group, P.A.

     1900 Summit Tower Blvd, Suite 620
    Orlando, Florida 32810
    United States

    The Morgan Law Group, P.A. has been providing high-quality service to businesses and families across Florida for decades. Our attorneys advocate for clients in a huge range of civil litigation matters, including property insurance claims and personal injury. We are well-acquainted with Florida law and are able to deliver sound legal advice as well as real-world insight. Whether you need a zealous negotiator Visit us:

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What Does a Business Law Attorney Do?

Starting a business can be a very daunting task. It can involve many aspects that can go unanticipated. Initially, a new entrepreneur has to decide what type of business they will conduct. From there, the entrepreneur has to understand which type of business entity or structure is best for their situation. Each structure, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership or incorporation, has its pros and cons and differences.

Starting a New Business and Choosing a Business Structure

When deciding on a structure, one must understand the basics of a business entity. Usually, the general goal in setting up a business entity is to create a significant separation between the business and the owner. This separation allows a business owner to legally protect themselves against claims that may otherwise reach them through their involvement in business. For instance, in a sole proprietorship, the business owner is personally liable for the financial obligations of the sole proprietorship. In other words, if that business has a debt that it cannot pay, the owner can be held legally responsible for it. The same applies to a partnership where multiple owners share in the profits and losses of the business. However, in a corporation, the founders or owners are not personally liable for the corporation’s financial obligations as the corporation is a separate legal entity.

There are also hybrid forms of business structures such as a limited liability partnership that combines the concepts of partnerships and corporations. Those forms also tend to create a legal separation between the owners and the business, and can even create a legal separation between the owners themselves. This separation is not an absolute protection from all personal liability for an owner of a business. The law allows for this protection to be broken in situations where in actuality, there is no meaningful separation of the business and owners. This legal concept is referred to as piercing the corporate veil.

Assistance with Tasks Such a Choosing a Business Name

The legal ramifications from choosing one business structure over another are just the beginning of the legal issues a business may face. After formation there still may be issues over licensing, naming the business, employment, tax, insurance, credit and financing, and even contractual relationships with other businesses. For instance, take the naming issue.

  • When starting the business, did the owner look up the business’s potential name in a state database to see if the name was available?
  • Will the name chosen be in conflict with another business name?
  • Are there trademarks involved?

Something as simple as naming a business can involve way more research than one would think. Consulting a business attorney early on can help avoid early legal issues.

How Does a Business Law Attorney Help an Existing Businesses?

Several different situations may call for several different types of business attorneys. If you are just starting a business, your needs will most likely be different than a business that has been up and running for a while.

For the fledgling business, a business attorney can perform a wide array of functions. They can help with the initial formation of the business by creating articles of incorporation or a necessary filing paperwork with the state such as service of process authorizations. They may also help in obtaining any business licenses that may be required. Business attorneys can also help in drafting contracts. You may need employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, or agreements that cover the sale of products.

For the business that is already up and running, a business attorney is more likely to be needed for drafting contracts and possible litigation issues. An attorney would assist in drafting agreements that deal with relationships with other businesses such as vendors, manufacturers, and third-party service providers. You may also want an attorney to look over any credit obligations the business may have occurred or any government regulatory concerns there may be. There is also a high likelihood that at some point in the lifetime of a business, there will be some form of a lawsuit that the business must respond to. Businesses get sued, and sometimes must sue in order to protect their interests. Its no wonder that many businesses employ attorneys to work on the business’s legal matters full-time.

How do you Choose a Qualified Business Law Attorney?

Searching for the right attorney to help with your business can be like buying a new mattress, they all tend to look alike. You may ask yourself, what difference does make? Well, it can make a huge difference. Many attorneys have a lot in common. They may have similar websites and profiles, but there can be significant differences in the services and abilities of respective attorneys. The process may take a little effort, but it's definitely worth your time. You have to do your homework! Whatever kind of legal work you need, a successful outcome may be largely dependent on which attorney you choose.

Determine Your Needs

So the next step in the process will be to decide on what exactly you are looking for in an attorney. What criteria will you use to base your attorney selection? Here is where it gets a bit easier. There are many sources you can pick from that will allow you to make a sound decision. If you are starting with absolutely no idea of the name of an attorney you might want to use, you may want to start by first zeroing in on your geographic area.

Research Online

You can begin by running a simple search for a business attorney in your local area. From there you should find lists of names and firms that can handle your business needs. Once you have names in hand, you will want to search for information on that individual attorney.There are plenty of websites that rate attorneys or provide reviews for attorneys. Avvo ratings and Martindale-Hubbell peer review ratings are good places to start. Avvo's site contains over 1 million reviews of attorneys nationwide. Reviews come from clients that post their thoughts on the attorney's performance. Avvo also provides their own rating that rates attorneys based on information provided by the attorney through their website, and information made open to the public via a state bar association.
Martindale-Hubbell provides ratings that are determined by surveys of other attorneys that are familiar with the work of the attorney being reviewed. They can work as references for a client who wouldn't necessarily have access to others that can evaluate another attorney’s work.

Check the State Bar's Website for any Disciplinary History

Both sites can provide pieces of a puzzle that can help you find what you are looking for in an attorney. The next piece of information you will want to obtain will come from a state bar association website. The bar association is an organization that every attorney licensed to practice in your state must belong. So if the attorney has an office in your state, they must be a member of that bar association.You will want to find the state’s discipline history as most states makes disciplinary actions for attorneys very easy to find.

Many state bar websites have a search tool on their website that will allow you to conduct a search of the attorney in question. A profile will show up and list all the disciplinary actions that have been taken against the attorney. There you will get a good idea if there have been any serious issues raised against the attorney. Hopefully, the attorney will have a clean slate, and you can continue to research that attorney's history. If the attorney happens to have disciplinary actions against them, you may want to look further into the situation for any facts that are provided on the site. The state bar profile will also contain some other basic information that you may want to consider. Bar profiles usually reveal how long the attorney has been licensed to practice in the state. As a business owner, you may want an attorney who has practiced for a considerable amount of time in their area of expertise. An attorney who has handled all sorts of business related manners will have a large breadth of knowledge of how to handle any issue that may arise.

Schedule an Appointment with a Business Attorneys

Once you have some background information on specific attorneys the next step that you should take is to meet with a couple of them. You will want to talk to multiple attorneys in order to find one that you are the most comfortable. Many firms offer free initial consultations so the only drawback may be the consumption of time. When you go to the initial consultation, make sure you have enough questions on your mind that you will use to gauge the level of knowledge that the attorney possesses. You may also want to pay close attention to the demeanor of the attorney, do they seem sincere? Are they listening to you? Or are you just being told what they think you want to hear?

If you follow the above tips, you should be well on your way to finding an attorney that fits your business needs. It is definitely worth a little extra time to make an educated decision on which attorney to choose.