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    Pak Law Offices is a full-service law firm practicing in two offices in Arizona and Washington State. Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our corporate, small business and individual clients, understand their objectives and meet or exceed their expectations.

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    1. Jessica James L. Pak, P.L.L.C.
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      I am truly shocked at the amount of positive reviews for this law firm. I had to scroll and scroll to see anything true about this. Read these reviews carefully. They sound curated by the law office themselves. Considering they’ve tried burying their bad reviews amongst a bunch of really good ones! I don’t want to be rude, but these guys are why the term “ambulance chaser” was coined. These attorneys who practice personal injury are considered some of the worst in the area. They fake their own reviews. In my situation, I hired them when a truck driver who was drunk side swiped my family on the freeway. It was a slam dunk case. The driver was found to have methamphetamines and alcohol in his system. I spoke to about six different attorneys and Jimmy Pak promised me that he would fight vigorously for my family. He had us going to treatment for 2.5 years. Thousands of dollars in treatments. Well, this idiot forgot to file a case against the insurance company. The claim was open however we were only able to recover limited damages because his law office forgot to take care of specific paperwork before deadlines. It’s very complicated. But I’ve requested all of the information also about our own case and they refuse to provide the details to us. After 3 years of this nightmare we owe over $347,000 in medical bills. While we haven’t paid Jimmy a dollar, we owe literally hundreds of thousands in medical bills. Some of them will get paid, but I am told we will have to pay for some of them all because the truck drivers insurance company says we are 10% at fault. This is ridiculous. I called another local law office down the street from them and they told me that This law office is known for spiking cases. Interviewing other law offices and picking one of them is your best bet. These guys are going to cost you money.

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