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    At R&R Law Group Defense Attorneys, Robert Gruler and the team of criminal defense attorneys afford you and those you care about aggressive and experienced representation in DUI, felony, and misdemeanor cases.

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    1. Brian R&R Law Group
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      Negative experience I set up my appointment and it sent me a link for Google meets I was ontime and waiting then I get a late phone call and it’s the person I’m meeting with he called me a liar treated me like I was incompetent and didn’t even want to talk he just want to complain that I wasn’t in the building…. it never sent me an address and my email said die to covid that we will be meeting in google meets. So I was there. Who wants an attorney that treats its clients right off the first meeting like they can’t do anything right and to be called a liar. I have 29plus years is service desk supporting people who use computers I know the difference from coming in the office and being sent an address in comparison to a video conference with no address . I had to decline who wants an attorney eho tests them as though your a liar . I won’t use this company

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    2. Renee Craynon R&R Law Group
      Overall Rating:

      100 % DIS satisfied. Gave Robert a day to call me before I posted my truth & I was once again ignored by a man I gave 10 grand to fight for me. HE DID NOTHING ! He is a pious fraud or his team dropped the ball. Unfortunately my complete entire experience with R/R was only talking to Chance his always, apologetic law student who ever answered the phone He was the only one I could talk to even though I was told Robert was my lawyer. Not once, NOT EVER did they CALL ME ! When I asked what’s next I was told, Robert doesn’t do that ! WHAT ?? OK so what’s net??? She told me that they were working on my next step. A WEEK goes by & I call AGAIN. Told they will be sending me their response. What took a whole week to give me A ……….CASE CLOSED LETTER ??? WTH KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU ? 100 % INNOCENT with a story you need to see. The face diaper is a lie & my case proves it. Mask on.. Mask off 1 st time corrupt business calls cops on my husband, another business owner. Did ANYONE seem to care about the mask the 1st time? THATS right, conflicting stories by the liars & my husband fake arrest was dropped , JUST LIKE MINE OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN! They told me they record some of their calls. I want mine. How do I get that ? Is that included with your break up letter? I AM innocent & I will prove it with or without this fraud! Call me 1st, at least I truly care about people . Renee 602-882-2296

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